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Denying your drinking problem in the 21st century

Quick preface: not my story, but overheard it in an Apple store waiting for my sister to have her iPhone fixed.

A French woman (we shall call her Claudette) brought in her laptop and started talking to an Apple tech guy (we shall call him Paul) about how ‘everything stopped working’ and ‘the keys aren’t doing anything’.

Paul asked Claudette to be more specific, but she just kept repeating herself, saying she had no idea why her laptop would stop working. Eventually, Paul takes her laptop to the back, saying he will have a closer look at it. After a few minutes Paul comes back out with the backboard and fixes Claudette with a stern raised eyebrow.

Paul: “Are you sure you don’t know why your laptop stopped working?”

Claudette: “I’m certain! It just stopped!”

Paul: “Do you like drinking by any chance?”

(Claudette obviously thinks Paul is flirting with her, and says yes).

At this point Paul shows Claudette the back case of the laptop, and you can see it’s just completely saturated with sticky red stuff. Claudette just goes completely red and Paul says, “Well, that was an expensive glass of wine”. Turns out it’s going to cost Claudette a ridiculous amount to get her laptop fixed, and she might as well get a new one.

I know it’s not the best story on here, but it just goes to show that users are, more often than not, blatant liars, and not to be trusted.

via: [Reddit\TalesFromTechSupport]

[Picture Source: Daquella manera (CC)]