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I think you arrived at the proper conclusion.

While working as a field service tech (think Geek Squad, except a small private company,) I had a customer who would call in every month or two with a virus infection. Every time I went to his house I would hear him running around his computer room,slamming drawers and knocking things over, before he would answer the door and let me in. One July afternoon, after this scenario had been repeating itself for over a year, I was called to his house for ANOTHER infection (he really liked his Limewire pr0n.)

This time when I got there the door was open and there was no response to my knocking and ringing the doorbell. I figured that since he and I were so well acquainted at this point, I would just let myself in. Well, when I got to his “office” I opened the door to be greeted by the unpleasant view of him sitting at his PC in his birthday suit…..headphones on, mouse in his right hand, trouser snake in the left…let’s not get into the bottle of lotion and the crumpled up tissues all over the keyboard.

I never touched his PC again.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

Picture Source: [Tom Hilton (CC)]