Monday, December 4, 2023
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Fail tech level: advanced

Here’s one to appeal to our Linux readers… – Rob

So, inspired by the “facepalm” thread (on the Spiceworks forums), I thought I would chime in with one of my all-time classics.

Needed to update a package on a server. Dependency check fails on krb5. No problem, remove it and install the latest version (update did not work – red flag #1). So, “sudo yum -y erase krb5 krb5-utils”….. massive scrolling wall of text, then, I see it.

“Erasing: sudo”

“Erasing” coreutils”

F**K F**K F**K…. CTRL-C, CTRL-C, oh please God CTRL-C

Finally CTRL-C works and I have a prompt.

“sudo su -”

“command not found”

oh crap

“su -”

root promt>yum -y install sudo

“command not found”

Whoops. Oh yeah, this is a PRODUCTION server. Datacenter has no media. So I drive down there with our media and a kickstart file, just in case. I was able to restore the system by interrogating the yum log and reinstalling the missing packages via the RPMs on the media. But, holy donkey balls that was a butt clencher.

Double facepalm.

via: [Spiceworks Community]

Picture Source: dotjay (CC)]