Friday, December 8, 2023

“Inverted commas”

From the Networker Module for MS Apps, I found a rather unique description of double quotes:

For a Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG server client node, and you want to include the state of the database, type:

nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? 

Example output:

C:\Users\administrator.NMMEXCH2010>nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010" "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010\Mailbox Database 0410662886 -- Passive" "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010\Mailbox Database 1249691110 -- Active" 68150:nsrsnap_vss_save:nsrsnap_vss_save: Exiting with success. 

Remove the inverted commas when copying the save set name from the output.


EMC documentation continues to surprise me.

via: [Reddit\Sysadmin]