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“Inverted commas”

“Inverted commas”

From the Networker Module for MS Apps, I found a rather unique description of double quotes:

For a Microsoft Exchange 2010 DAG server client node, and you want to include the state of the database, type:

nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? 

Example output:

C:\Users\administrator.NMMEXCH2010>nsrsnap_vss_save -v -? "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010" "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010\Mailbox Database 0410662886 -- Passive" "APPLICATIONS:\Microsoft Exchange 2010\Mailbox Database 1249691110 -- Active" 68150:nsrsnap_vss_save:nsrsnap_vss_save: Exiting with success. 

Remove the inverted commas when copying the save set name from the output.


EMC documentation continues to surprise me.

via: [Reddit\Sysadmin]


  1. Just to second what Paul said, “inverted commas” is perfectly acceptable in the UK (and possibly other parts of the world too).

  2. Who the hell calls them “double quotes”? They’re inverted commas or quotation marks. Calling them double quotes implies that the single inverted comma (‘) is used for quotes, which is incorrect usage unless it’s a quote within a quote.

  3. Yeah, unless I’m totally missing the point of this post, “inverted commas” is a common name for quotation marks. to the point that Googling the phrase considers the two to be perfect synonyms.


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