Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Sorry my Engrish

Language barriers are hard to overcome. Using Google Translate is one way of making that barrier just a little bit taller.

explannation mark

We're fans of Chronicles of George! We begin with a lovely example of how George's tickets usually are. Note the strange spacing, the awful grammar,...

All the cool kids are Internetting.

I like to internet too.  Maybe too much. via:

Start Wandows Ngrmadly [pic]

Live on the edge, Start Wandows Ngrmadly. via: Yes, I meant to say havening.

Customer Service Rocks!

There are times when someone asks a question and you just don't have it in you to answer it. Case in point. via:

What did he say?

Wait, maybe the periods in his sentences are invisible like the disappeared hard drive!  via:  

Bros before BIOS

First world broblems. via

…cinema about ubiquitous bureau hoopla

Awhile back, we had an awesome write-up on WebProNews by Drew Bowling (thank you!), entitled "Faildesk: The Fun Group Therapy Site for IT Pros." Now,...

You are right! Thanks!

Ha! via

Lost In Translation [pic]

Nothing like a good transcribed voicemail to clear things up...oh Google you're so funny.

Trying too hard

Recorded records. He has no hard drive or mastery of English? via: