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  1. Especially true, look at the way they are treating their customers with the new OSucX, “Oh your MAC isn’t good enough, well Upgrade, we will not fold for you!”

  2. Oh, for cripes sake. If they’re so impossible to upgrade and everyone just buys a new one, how is it I (and many people like me, most of whom are NOT employed by Apple) make a damn good living fixing and upgrading them?
    Actually open one and then complain. Or try comparing it to your average VAIO or Gateway.

    • I know I have. There are horror stories out there about the new MBs.

      My personal story is working on a 1st or 2nd-gen Macbook. I felt like Indiana Jones digging for buried treasure JUST TO GET TO THE hard disk.

      The new MB w/Retina display…can’t replace the battery without chance of breaking the trackpad, if the LCD breaks, you have to replace the entire assembly (camera, wifi antenna and all), no memory upgrades or swap-out…

      Say what you will, but 99% of the time, the hard drives/memory/mini-pci boards in PC-based laptops are mounted right under a nice access panel that you can remove with a few screws…

  3. Apple now has “how-to instructions” on their webpage showing users how to upgrade their RAM and whatnot. This comic is a little out dated, I’d say this was more appropriate for 2010 and before….

  4. I just get a new macbook pro/iMac on 2 year rotations, so one new computer a year. They work well, they operate well, and I don’t need to open them up other than for RAM upgrades. I can comfortably afford it, so it’s no big deal. I guess it’s a matter of preference anyway. These Mac vs PC debates are completely pointless. It depends on how much money you are willing to spend, how simple you want it to be, and how important it is for you to make video card upgrades etc. Personally I haven’t touched any internal computer component other than a memory chip in several years, and I don’t miss being a hardware techie.


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