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I had a printer rep in trying to figure out why his printer would not print PDF’s correctly.  He was a smug little guy who acted like he knew everything.  In any case, one of the things we did required a CD to get some drivers.  He saw me put the CD in – as we were on site, working on it from my office.  One of the other techs asked what version the CD was.  I said “it’s still in the CD drive.”

So, printer guy walks down into the server room.  After a few minutes, I start to notice the network acting weird – like losing connections to things.

What the…

Then I start thinking – where’s the printer guy?  He’s still…in…the server…room.

OH NO.  I jump up and run to the server room, open the door and find two of my drive bay doors are empty and he’s about to pull out the third one.

He turns to me and says “WHICH ONE’S THE CD PLAYER!?”

It took four people to hold me off him – needless to say, he was banned from the property.

via: [Spiceworks Community] (edited)


  1. Printer drivers are kept on a network drive so the printer a*sholes don’t f- things up.
    Said by me, the service technician who cries and die a little inside every time I set up printers for one of our costumers. Somewhere way back, when another company did service for this costumer (a bank), someone screwed the paths quite good.
    [network drive][old service company]Printers[brand]. So far so good. Then comes the essay part… […]All drivers for [brand]enx86enx64enenx86AllDriversfor[brand]WinXPorNTx86en[brand] XP drivers, and then comes the folder with the .inf and the drivers.
    On every site you have to copy that folder to your virtual local server desktop, scince the full path is about 300 characters long. The funny thing is that our network technicians can’t change the path either, scince there are several scripts and services somehow keeping the drivers in the folder updated, and if the folder is moved or deleted the network goes crazy and server virtualization is shut down, so you have to go into the server room, and that is easier said than done when you are in a bank.


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