Go Daddy gets owned: your inbox not as full as a result


Go Daddy, the ubiquitous online hosting and registration service got owned today by a person named @AnonymousOwn3r – note that there seems to be some contention whether this person is really a part of Anonymous or not.

In any case, AnonymousOwn3r has not made it abundantly clear why he/she targeted Go Daddy, although some have surmised that it’s something to do with Go Daddy’s past support for SOPA, the Internet-censorship bill that caused all that ruckus earlier this year (which might be the case if this was an official Anonymous sanctioned attack).  However, since Anonymous’ organization and leadership seem to be quite fragmented these days, it’s hard to get an official claim from anyone other than the person executing the attack in the first place.

So, if your workplace has sites hosted by Go Daddy, sit back, relax and get some other work done.