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Drivers. You need them.

It was a normal Tuesday morning, around 11 o’clock. I was sitting in my college’s student union, on my laptop and enjoying a turkey sandwich. About 10 or so minutes into my lunch, a group of very “freshmen” looking students show up. They all sit down and all immediately take out their Macbooks, except for one girl who took out her PC. They get to talking, and I’m not paying particularly close attention to their conversation until I hear this exchange…

Girl: “Yeah, I had to buy a whole separate webcam… it falls off ‘n stuff every once in a while.”

Guy: “You’ve got one right there…” points to webcam eye

Girl: “Nope, I’ve only got just the eye, not the whole webcam. I called Toshiba and they said ‘Oh, go on our website and download our program… it will fix it. I know it won’t because I was told by (somebody else) that I’d have to get the webcam installed. Nah, I’m not gonna send my laptop in for them to do that, it would take so long. So, I bought this other webcam for about 30 bucks.”

Moral of the story: Drivers.

via: [Reddit\talesfromtechsupport]

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