Wednesday, July 24, 2024
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Pro Tip: As an AV company, try not to flag your own software as malware

Sophos had a little issue this week.

After a typical update – since AV products update frequently – update, their AV was then detecting various updater agents (like the one that Sophos uses) as malware, called “Shh/Updater-B” and was quarantining or deleting those components, rendering Sophos completely without updating capabilities (ya know, so it could update itself with an updated fix for the broken fix?).  Read the blog post here.

Of course, Sophos isn’t the only one that has done something like this – It seems that McAfee has had more than their share of screw-ups that did way more than disable their own software…

Fail can occur anywhere at any time, people!

Source: [TheNextWeb]