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  1. Ugh, Norton. I wouldn’t use that if it was *actually* the latest version and free.

    It’s one of the first things I remove on every PC I fix.

    • Are these PCs owned by other people, because if they paid for it, they might not be happy. Of course smart people know free packages such as AVG or Avast are better than most if not all paid ones.

      • Yes they are, I do this as a second job (alongside being a student and working retail). I cover myself. When someone leaves a PC with me, I have an agreement they read and sign…it has a section for “Software installed during service”.

        Among other things, it contains the following paragraph:

        “As part of service, the Servicer reserves the right to remove and replace security software as seen fit by the Servicer. Equal or better protection will be installed before completion of service. By agreeing to receive service, you consent to your security software being replaced without notice to you. Furthermore, you understand that you may lose your subscription to certain paid security products when they are replaced, and that the Servicer is not responsible for any such lost value.”

        There’s also sections for abandoned equipment (pick it up in 60 days or I sell it), data retention, repairs against advice, use of consumables (no, I won’t replace the ink cartridge I emptied while fixing your printer), and the typical liability disclaimers you’d expect in these documents.

  2. It’s a pity every time I see ‘Norton’. Peter Norton wrote a legendary set of applications called Norton Utilities back in the 80’s. Then Symantec bought them and his company for a cool $70M from him, and brutalised it the package. Unfortunately, they have rights to his name..


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