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My tip: Stop complaining and buy another keyboard

My tip: Stop complaining and buy another keyboard

NSFW language embedded in the pic (totally understandable, tho’).

I’m not sure what language keyboard this is (see the secondary characters on the main letter keys), but no matter – – who would put a sleep command on the F5 key on a keyboard, NO MATTER WHAT LANGUAGE it is?

Any keyboard that requires me to hit a Fn key to get to a primary function is worthless – hence, it will be broken over my knee – much like Bane breaking Batman’s back in #497 of Batman, dousing my desk in a hailstorm of loose – and useless – keys.

via: [Reddit\TechSupportGore]


  1. Israeli keyboard, the second language is Hebrew.
    And yes, I would instantly dump this keyboard in an incinerator. The Print Screen Location would alone drive me nuts.

  2. I hate when manufacturers decide to make keys multi function to save space or money. My old laptop had full media keys and a key for video and web browsing. I had the video key remapped to terminal. My current laptop has the media keys on home, page up and down, and end. you have to press fn which is all the way on the other end of the laptop to use them. No one handed media controlling allowed. I wont go on to list the other laptop keyboards i have to deal with that annoy me.

  3. Microsoft had a series of keyboards which required you to press “Function Lock” key to turn off their stupid transformation of the function keys.

  4. That’s an odd desktop keyboard.. I would get frustrated too. If it belongs to a user though you can’t just yell “I HATE YOUR KEYBOARD GET A NEW ONE!” You could carry one you like around.. Usually I just bite my tongue and slow down. Especially on those darn netbook keyboards.

  5. My new work laptop has the middle touchpad button set to close active window. So 99% of the time, I click it accidentally and lose my work (as I program within a browser window…) What sadist comes up with this crap??

  6. The argument that I have *for* it is that it isn’t designed for use in an English-speaking country. They took an English computer (which is why the primary language is English and not the “native” language) and modified it for the country that it will be used in. This set-up is how the people in that country are comfortable using a keyboard.

    The ‘insert’ key is in the right place. Look at the structure of your US keyboard; they are horizontal. This keyboard just put those six keys into two columns. MY (US) keyboard combines the End with PrintScreen as a function and I had to adjust. So you need to make a few adjustments…. grow up and deal with it.


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