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Spiceworld 2012 video: Zombies II


Posts have been sparse this week as I am at Spiceworld 2012, an annual user conference put on by Spiceworks…so, I apologize for that.  Scott has been super busy at work, so I have to put together these posts when I have time (i.e. when I’m done with the various post-session activities…eh, you know what that mean).

Anyway – for those of you who remember last year, Spiceworks started off Spiceworld 2011 with an uber-geeky take on zombies, bacon and IT.  It’s worth a watch…it has some nifty Nerf action, and a “frombie” (aka Nic from the Spiceworks Community).

This year, they are at it again with the sequel: Zombies II – presumably what happens 28 days after Kris and Knox’s first encounter with the IT zombies.

Check it out here:

Seriously tho’ – if you run a small to midsize network, I encourage you to try out Spiceworks – it’s an awesome solution for those of us who want to put together a help desk and inventory system on a shoestring budget.  I mean, they make videos like this, so they are pretty tight in my book.

I don’t normally endorse free awesomeness here on Faildesk, but when I do, I endorse Spiceworks.




  1. Rob, I didn’t know that you were one of the geniuses behind Faildesk. I put it together when I saw your shirt at Spiceworld. Kudos.


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