Wayback Wednesday: The ISA Hardcard Circa ~1990 [pic]


Ahhh – the Plus HardCard.  I remember installing a number of these on our Compaq 486 series machines in the early 90’s.  These were great!

I remember thinking “Wow, hard drives have come a long way where they can fit on an ISA card!”  Oh, technology, you make me feel so old.


Plus Hardcard Models
Product NameCapacity (MB)Access Time (ms)First Shipment
Hardcard1065October 1985[13]
Hardcard 202049June 1986[14]
Hardcard 404035May 1987[15]
Hardcard II 808025 (19 effective)January 1990[16]
Hardcard II 4040
Hardcard II XL 105105 ? (9 effective)October 1990[17]
Hardcard II XL 5050
Hardcard EZ 24024016September 1992[18]
Hardcard EZ 12712717
Hardcard EZ 858517
Hardcard EZ 424219

via: [Wikipedia]