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  1. Since it’s trivial to a) not install toolbars in IE, and b) remove or disable them if you do, what you seem to be implying is that Chrome simply lacks that capability, even if there’s one that you actually want. And that this is a good thing, that it’s less capable.

    There are a lot of good reasons to hate IE. You do not seem to be harboring any of them.

      • You’ve not used ie 8+ then clearly. They have a close button which once pushed makes the tool bar vanish and asks if you want it back or not. It will even offer to turn off addins or toolbars it finds makes the browser start slow. IE6 was a blight on humanity but MS has seriously upped its game and to not recognise that is unfair. Particularly as then they might as well not try and we really don’t want ie6 style browsers back.

        • I use IE9 for work, but that is beside the point. I’m smart enough to never install those toolbars in the first place so I don’t notice those minor things.

          • Toolbars get installed (or turned on) with so much crap these days. But that’s still not a problem with the brower, that’s a problem with the companies distributing their crapware. I noticed, for instance, that one of Adobe’s crapfests (Flash, IIRC), or maybe it was Java, now installs Chrome and sets it as the default browser, unless you uncheck the “fuck up my computer” checkbox. Is that the fault of Chrome?

      • That’s not an issue with the web browser. That’s an issue with the user. Blaming the web browser for a user issue is an issue with with tech support.

  2. The top one looks like a bloatware/virus test VM (IE6) in very sad shape. I have one similar to it for testing junk software.

    IE full of suspicious toolbars isn’t the only issue. Bonzai Buddy is a classic. Also appears to suffer from “AOHell” and I think I see a tray icon for a rogue AV. BearShare is a good source of malware (probably half the crap on there). The rest looks like typical bloatware. Only thing missing is Norton.

    As for Chrome…it can suffer toolbar plague like the others. There’s less crap to go around for it, but it’s not completely free of it.

  3. If your browser looks like that, you’re definitely doing something wrong.

    Hell, my Firefox looks even better than that Chrome.
    Your Chrome’s got five bars at the top, and my Firefox has only got two.

    • The pictured chrome has only one added toolbar… the rest are basics: tabbed pages up top, the controls and address bar, then the favourites bar, and then the single additional toolbar.

    • Yea, I got my tabs, my adress bar, and stumble-upon toolbar. I hate to burst the bubble of whomever made this picture, but the reason why your browser looks like that is not because your using the wrong one, its cause you keep downloading toolbars, not cause of which browser you use. If you keep it up, I’m sure Chrome will end up looking just the same.

      • One of the reasons this happens is that some programs that are essential
        to internet use (like Adobe Flash) will prompt you to install
        unnecessary toolbars (or other programs, I think Adobe Flash offers
        virus protection, which can harm your computer if you have protection
        already) you have to uncheck these before installation, or you’ll end up looking like the first and second pictures.

  4. I use Firefox and I have the google toolbar and an icon toolbar that has all my bookmarks available for easy access. That’s it. This is the user’s fault – not the internet software.

  5. How is some random schmoe adding 2561 toolbars and apps to each browser relevant to browser capability? This post just looks like personal bias.


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