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IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

IE 10 Sucks Less and Microsoft wants you admit it

Microsoft is taking aim at all of us IE “haters” with a new ad, touting that they are making progress at sucking less.

Follow the adventure of an Internet troll as he is slowly convinced that maybe IE isn’t that bad after all.

How can you hate something that donates an island full of kittens to children, or comes up with a new karaoke web standard?

See the associated website for the marketing campaign for IE 10 here.


  1. Haven’t tried IE10, but I do have one big nitpick with this. “Comebacks come in many shapes and sizes” for the tag? For a “comeback,” you must have once been good and are returning to former glory. I reserve judgment on IE10 until I try it, but it can’t be a comeback when all previous versions were lousy.

  2. With regards to their HTML5 and CSS3 support, IE10 has made huge leaps compared to IE9. They’re still the browser that supports the least features, but they’ve made huge progress so far.

    However, the fact remains that IE10 is for Windows 8 only. Web Developers still have to support IE7, 8 and 9 until Windows Vista and 7 fade out of existence, and considering XP, and in some cases 2000 still hold a large population of users, there are still many features that those versions lack.

    By the time websites no longer need to support the older IE versions, HTML6 will be the new thing that has no IE support and IE again becomes dated and crap.

    So, in conclusion, IE sucks.

  3. I’m looking forward to IE10. I couldn’t install it on my machine due to various updates not getting pushed for work. However, I do want to see just how well its improved. As a web developer, its exciting to know that I can help promote IE10 to friends, family, and associates so that I don’t have to deal with supporting the likes of IE7 & 8 (I’m okay with 9).

  4. What goes around comes around… Years ago Netscape Navigator was the daddy of Browsers, at least in the corporate world. Then IE 3 came along and blew it away. Now you have Chrome (my choice), Firefox or, if you are really weird Safari and a few small ones.

  5. IE 10 has been a massive waste of time for me and MS.It crashes and is hard to solve and impossible to find and remove.I wish MS would retire and leave it to the pros

  6. Every new version of IE fixes existing errors but always introduce new errors. Also at IE10, the new ‘flagship’, strange transparency glitch for example, implementing CSS other than others and yes, compatibility issues with JS. I have some examples here. Well done MS, after several years it is STILL NOT GOOD/WORTH IT!

    And, it doesn’t get any better, never, because it rely too much on the OS and the freakin’ (security) features. The policy of MS is outdated also all of there non-error-free products. Why is there always a problem with software of MS, why it is not out-of-the-box, reliable, error-free.

    This is not the way to go MS, it is 2013 and others do and can do better, change it or leave this planet. MS got no taste (look at Windows 8 for example), no humour (stupid nerdy jokes only MS can laugh at), no quality standards (they think only in selling points and ‘compatibility’ with their own products), wacky update policy for their products and don’t listen to their customers (tons of unnecessary features the customer don’t want).

    And about Ballmer, throw him away, he’s got an old vision on doing business.

  7. “How can you hate something that donates an island full of kittens to children, or comes up with a new karaoke web standard?”

    Well, you can’t.

    But IE10 doesn’t do that. It still sucks.


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