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Magic Mouse [story]

I am the keeper of the batteries in the building. Part of my “Technical Director” duties. Boss walks into my office this morning… (context, we each have a wireless mouse with our iMacs):
Boss: My mouse batteries are dead. Do you have any rechargeable ones ready?
Me: Sure, here ya go.
Boss: Thanks. walks out
Five minutes later:
Boss: Are you sure they were charged? My mouse isn’t working right.
Me: How so?
Boss: Everything is backwards.
Me: Huh?
Boss: When I move to the left, the cursor goes right. Same thing in the other direction.
Me: Oscar-worthy straight face Turn it around.
Boss: What?
Me: Turn it around.
Boss: What, the batteries?
Me: No, the mouse.
Boss: blinkblinkpause OOOOOOOOOHHH okay…
Ended up giving her a wired USB mouse and took her wireless mouse to use with my MacBook.

via: [reddit\talesfromtechsupport]

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