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      • I see someone is using the rules from 2001. Read a tech blog or two. Both windows 7 and 8 were very well received and even the most staunch of critics have praised the last couple releases by MS for being stable and mostly bug free.

        Get some big boy pants and keep up with trends. Spouting wives tales from a decade ago proves how little you know about growing technology.

        The only fail in this picture is that the store is trying to benefit from the fear and ignorance of others.

        • I disagree. Windows 8 was not received even remotely as well as 7, at least on PCs. On tablets, it fared far better, and its numbers are only good because of this.

          As someone who does IT on the side, I get about 30 emails a week asking where to buy a PC that still has 7. I’ve also personally downgraded more PCs than I care to count.

          On tech news sites…very few articles actually praise 8 on a non-touch device. Most articles are either tablet stuff or ways to get a start menu back.

          The number of downgrades I’ve done/seen done has already exceeded the number I did for the entire lifespan of vista.

          And what’s more, near me, two (big) local stores recently stopped carrying Win8 PCs. I asked at one, they said people kept asking for PCs with 7…

          • ‘big boy/girl panties’
            ‘big boy pants’

            If windows 8 makes you act childish, then I doubt I’m ever going to upgrade to it.

            But from what I’ve heard, it’s better for touch screens, but it’s not much better for desktops. I’ve also heard that you have less ‘control’ over it, and it’s switching more towards buying apps/programs from them, as opposed to installing your own software off a disc. Not sure how valid these comments are though, as I haven’t personally used it.


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