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  1. False. Im a woman and mines is clean in little folders. BF one is a huge mess with way too much games he havent played in years mixed with softwares that doesn’t even exist.

  2. False, I’m a girl and my room and desktop are nearly identical to the top 2 pictures. Just change the Windows Logo wallpaper for a Sailor Moon one. 😀

  3. Totally false. My room is a disgrace but I hide my desktop icons, and I’m reasonably certain I’m still female.

  4. False, I’m a girl and my room is an awful mess but my mac desktop is perfectly clean (let’s face it, i prefer having a clean desktop and it’s easier to clean than my room)

  5. False: My wifes side of the bed is messy but her desktop is clean. My side of the bed is clean but desktop is messy.


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