It Helps To Know What You’re Talking About… [story]



I was rendering still images for a publicity company and was working with a representative from the company to help (hah!) facilitate communication. 

ME: Okay, I have rendered all the images you requested and saved them into one .psd, and also included a folder with the raw .tiffs should you want to make any changes yourself.

A few minutes later…

CLIENT: Hey, yeah um, all of these files are .tiffs and I requested photoshop documents… Could you do that for me?

ME: They already are in a PSD, named “All_images.psd”.

CLIENT: Yes, but I checked the folder called “raw” and they’re all tiffs, I cant use these because I don’t know what they are. Just please provide me with photoshop documents.

ME: Have you checked the “All_images.psd”?

CLIENT: Yes, but I just need photoshop documents for all those tiffs instead.

I save each PSD individually to correspond with each TIFF and email her again, letting her know that they are there.

CLIENT: Oh, PSD stands for photoshop document! Wow, I never knew that! Hah you learn something new everyday, eh? Now, If you could just compile all of these images into one photoshop document, we should be good to go!