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Unsolicited Non-Spammy Spam [pic]

Unsolicited Non-Spammy Spam [pic]

We all get them, emails that aren’t technically spam, they’re just unsolicited sales-y emails that we don’t respond to and usually ignore.  The automated spam filter doesn’t catch these, after all, they look like regular emails.

Sometimes, the emails and phone calls keep coming, so what do you do?

This was a company that kept trying to “sell us” Microsoft DirectAccess, even though we did not have, nor did we have plans to buy Windows Enterprise for our laptops, which is a requirement to use DirectAccess.  I emailed them several times, they apologized for bothering with calls and emails, but the emails kept coming…so this was my final response, email the sales guy, then CC any email addresses I could find on their site:

What creative ways did you get back at someone who sent you “not-quite-spam, but this-is-pretty-much-spam sales emails” even after you requested them to not bother you any more?

Send us your stories!



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