Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Your mailbox runneth over

The college runs a Remedy helpdesk solution. One of the deans had a problem with her computer, they created a ticket, and of course...

What was he doing for 4 hours?

Went to a client's office several weeks ago to do some work. Actually clean-up work from the last "IT Expert" they had on retainer. $250...

Windows 8 gives you a choice

  Genuine window from Windows 8 Release Preview Upgrade. Way to go Microsoft!

You cannot [Esc]

I support about a dozen and a half retail stores. Our busiest location called on day to inform me that the main computer in...


We received this email. While the user is not an idiot (at least, not this time), it still made me laugh: Sorry0i0dropped0bberry---keyboard0broke---possible0to0get0replaxed? Tx J

This…is awkward.

Keep in mind this is not my ticket, simply one I was forwarded and I am sharing it. Notes from a recently closed ticket at...

Have you made sure it’s plugged in?

This morning I get a call from one of my users that goes as follows: User: I need help! My computer is dead! Me: Can you...

“It’s been escalated.”

I was working on a ticket that had me baffled (it's now fixed). Sadly, it was one where the person involved was not able...

…and in an instant, that glimmer of hope burnt out like a fried LED.

I'm not a techie. I'm a biology student. But I fiddle with computers a lot and have built a few of my own. This...