Wednesday, June 19, 2019
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Submissions from our fearless field technicians distributed throughout the world. We are here for you.

This Kind Of Thing Happens To Me ALL The Time [story]

I worked at Best Buy back in 2001 and my third day on the floor a lady calls asking how much our modems were. I took a quick walk to the aisle and saw we had them for like $70+ depending on external/internal, brand,...

Where’s the ‘On’ switch?

My first day working at my new job, my boss didn't have a desk for me yet. She took me into an office that was not in use, as the individual was gone for the holidays. A hurricane had gone through our city the...

From the Drawers of the FailDesk: December 28th Edition

file drawers
I'm sure you've worked with a company like thisConversation with the field engineer from the vendor of our POS software (means Point Of Sale. No, really, that's what means. What else would it mean?) "I have a theory about how your company writes software....

Can I Have A WIFI Cable? [story]

This particular job gave us a giggle this morning; user reported this in our helpdesk system."Hi, Please could i have a cable to connect my laptop to the wifi?"Got to love those one liners.

“You’re the computer guy. Isn’t this stuff what they’re paying you for?”

We have a new manager who insists on everything being done her way. And only her way.Without going into too much detail.....we use a particular piece of software that is used by over 2000 companies in the country. Of course, not every company has the same needs, so...

“It’s been escalated.”

I was working on a ticket that had me baffled (it's now fixed). Sadly, it was one where the person involved was not able to do a large part of her job.I got a call from this woman's manager, upset that it was taking...

Git ‘er Done! [pic]

Got this today trying to fix RemoteScan for a user.Yup, that'd be an 'er for sure.  This must have been immediately following the Redneck SP2 install?Thanks go to Steve, the guy who always hits 'F7' to spell check, no matter where he is.

Color blind

I got a call from our facility librarian who informed me she needed a new hose. I informed her that I wasn't sure exactly what she meant, and she reiterated that she needed a new hose.I asked, "Jody - you are aware that you...

Good Guy Firefighter

I LOVE this story - Rob--I'm a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped to handle my departments IT issues. Sometimes, that duty spills over to actual emergencies.We responded to a house fire and...