Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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From The Field

Submissions from our fearless field technicians distributed throughout the world. We are here for you.

34 Thing Your IT Guy Wants You to Know [info]

If you are fresh to the concept of technical support from an organized IT staff, here's a few tips to help you along the...

Hey, thanks for the diagnosis, doctor!

I recently started working with an IT service business. We usually serviced business that had anywhere from 5-30 employees. One of these businesses really...

Brown Friday: User submission!

Here is your Brown Friday deal. This one comes from a user who knows an awesome Craigslist deal when he (or she) sees it!...

Ticket ineptitude or, “this is why we drink”

Some examples from the Spiceworks Community discussing favorite tickets: Have you tried turning it off and back on again? Subject: Printer not printing Description: Nothing is...

Son, I Think I Broke The Computer [story]

My poor dad is as computer illiterate as a 50-year old Mexican immigrant can get. Growing up poor in Mexico, he didn't have access...

Fail: It’s contagious.

We don't have any in-house IT personnel at my company, so tech issues generally land on my shoulders...which is kind of ironic since, a)...

Semantics – you’ve heard it a million times.

I had a client come in and say that another tech had "fixed their hard drive, it's a silver one" (they were here to...

Did my mom and dad just call you?

Right after I graduated college, I was an EasyTech Expert at Staples for about 9 months. I received some rather amusing visits and telephone...

I Would Press F1 But…

By: Mark Graham

Found The Guy That Works On Internet Explorer! [video]

This came to us via email submission.¬†Claudio J. CHIABAI¬†has a sharp eye for spotting crappy code! ______________________________________________________________________ [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tZQtU8QiiY?rel=0]