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Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

IT Fail: This is why you don’t mess with Windows logon

Republished with permission from our friends at The Daily WTF:Companies beyond a certain size all follow the same basic pattern. Where possible, everything gets centralized...

This…is awkward.

Keep in mind this is not my ticket, simply one I was forwarded and I am sharing it.Notes from a recently closed ticket at...

Kind of like a landmine, only the fallout’s more expensive

Republished with permission from our friends at the Daily WTF:He was greeted at reception by Manny, one of the upper-level directors. He got the...

Your mailbox runneth over

The college runs a Remedy helpdesk solution. One of the deans had a problem with her computer, they created a ticket, and of course...

What was he doing for 4 hours?

Went to a client's office several weeks ago to do some work. Actually clean-up work from the last "IT Expert" they had on retainer.$250...

May cool heads prevail. Now make me some coffee.

As is usually the way with these things, a year-end upgrade was planned out for our full-disk encryption software to upgrade it to the...

I think you’ve missed an important detail [CPU Gore]

 Seems staged, but hey...if you've been a reader here for long, you know you have seen stranger things...via:

I scoff at your “warm boot.”

A couple years back, our workplace was converting some offices into clinic space.  As such, a major demolition had to occur on the same...

Replace Your Failing Hardware [story]

From Reddit: You need to replace the switch! Hi! So before I begin please let me set the scene. I am the lone IT guy...

You could have more

I don't see the Ask toolbar anywhere.via: