Saturday, April 20, 2019
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Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

I scoff at your “warm boot.”

A couple years back, our workplace was converting some offices into clinic space.  As such, a major demolition had to occur on the same floor as our server room.  The good news: the construction crew did not have to do any work with the...

Oldie: Best Buy sells fake iPad. “Whoops.”

This is a bit old, but still relevant - this is on the heels of our (near) customer fraud story from the other day...(thanks to an anonymous submitter for the idea - we will try to follow more of these)!I was going to assign...

Lessons in IT: When IT pros go bad

#1: Tell someone else who knows what they're doing before you fire someone who can damage the company.A former job, right before I was hired the previous IT manager did a little sabotage after leaving (They think he was looking for contract work, but...

Scam artist

Back in the 90's  I worked for a small mobile communications + computer/network installation outfit (we used Lantastic!).  This was my first computer-job, and what I thought was a good launchpad for a computer-related career.  I was young, that's for sure...I'm certain that out...

We get no respect: The Hospital Upgrade

Today was fun... As many of you know, I work in a hospital. Recently, a life-cycle exchange was done for about 35 old Dells we had in many of the offices and some of the ORs. In addition to scrambling to ensure a lot...

Improvised Hard Drive Mount [pic]

Really? I unwrap most thing prior to use.via:

Printer Vs. Fork Truck [pic]

This was a Zebra label printer in another life.

Cable Management Is An Art Form [pic]

Unfortunately a lot of us are left with crap like this.

Trial by threat of fire

From the Daily WTF:For a Ramen-fueled college student, a job offer that actually involves doing the work you're in school to learn and has a paycheck that can't be beat vs. flipping burgers is a wonderful score. For Ted, that score came from a...