Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Crapbook Pro [pic]


Almost as bad as Symantec


Oh hey, on your way out, can I have the root password please?

This story takes place while I was a consultant working for a firm out of Texas. For this gig I was sent to a training facility to be their SysAdmin.I arrive on site at the correct time, and am let into the building. The...

You Broke The Internet [story]

CLIENT: "… Also, on this page when you click on a link, it breaks the web"ME: “Sorry, which part does it break?"CLIENT: “It breaks the WHOLE WEB!"ME: “Do you mean it breaks that page, or the whole website shows an error page?"CLIENT: “No, I...

Webmaster inbox level = Mom

Where I work, we spent about 3-4 years (before I joined) as a startup in wild west mode. There was no IT, there was no rules, you just did whatever as long as it worked and the company stayed afloat.Since I came along (and...

Asking all the right questions

Reprinted with permission from our friends at The Daily WTF:Lawrence’s interview started with Mark, the new MIS manager. A recruiter had hooked them up. The company was a medium sized organization, with four large locations and a few thousand employees. There was an AS/400...

220, 221, Whatever It Takes [story]

I was working for a local community college and my boss asked me to go check out a machine in the admin lab. The admin lab was a small room with 4 PCs in it that the people in the admin office could use...