Saturday, October 16, 2021
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Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Awesome IT Crowd typography project: Moss introducing himself as the Dungeon Master

I know this one isn't strictly computer related, but face it, there is a pretty high probability that you have played (or are taking...

If YouTube had been invented in the 90’s

To follow up with our post "if Twitter was invented in the 80's"'s another fictional flash-back: [youtube]

Wayback Wednesday: The Commodore 64 with the HUGE 64K memory!


I need a favor

Someone has to follow me around playing this as I roam the hallways tomorrow. Bring some batteries,  bailing wire, and maybe some goggles. via:

Upgrading Through Every Version Of Windows [video]

100% chance of seeing penises being drawn. [youtube]

Hipsters, rejoice! Now you can have the best of both worlds. [video]

Seen here typing like they've time-traveled from the 1850's, a person (presumably the creator) demonstrates the iTypeWriter and how he gets his money's worth...

Senior Tech: Passive aggressive behavior for the texting age

Texting for the senior generation: A new way to be passive aggressive! Ha! [youtube] via:

Wayback Wednesday: 1995, The Computer Chronicles and 486 PCs

I SOOO remember this show (and miss it!). This is actually the whole episode, so maybe play it in the background as you're...

Geek Got Swag: Doug “the Tech Geek” battles rapper

Ha!  This is from the iPhone game "Battle Rap Stars." "Flows so cold they freeze like PCs." [youtube]

Automate Your Helpdesk Phone Tree! [video]

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