Sunday, January 21, 2018


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Smash IT! via:

Wayback Wednesday: 1996 – WebTV Plus

To be fair, a lot of the ideas of WebTV Plus made it into our current technology...but...WebTV...what a flop that was. [youtube]

Automate Your Helpdesk Phone Tree! [video] via:

The Office UK: Steve the IT guy AKA “me”

My favorite bit: "How long will it take you?' " long as it takes." There's an ad (thanks Hulu!) at the beginning...if you have ad blocking enabled, there will be nothing shown for a few moments.  Just wait, it will show up eventually! via:

Wayback Wednesday: The Commodore 64 with the HUGE 64K memory!


Hilarious: YouTube closed caption fail

Not really help-desk or IT related, but definitely a technology fail. Ever use Google's transcription services through Google Voice? Yeah, this is something like that, but funnier. Rhett and Link take the game of 'telephone' and put YouTube's Closed Caption to the test. They...

Awesome IT Crowd typography project: Moss introducing himself as the Dungeon Master

I know this one isn't strictly computer related, but face it, there is a pretty high probability that you have played (or are taking a break from playing?) some sort of D&D-based game, and know EXACTLY what this is all about. If not,...

Wayback Wednesday: William Shatner brings you the VIC20

Complete with trademark Shatner acting!  Just don't ask him to sing. [youtube]

Why Spotify didn’t exist in the ’80s via:

Moms And Computers, Continued [video]