Sunday, January 29, 2023

Wayback Wednesday: Own a piece of history – Matthew Broderick’s Wargames IMSAI 8080 up...

If you are in your late 30's or above, you may remember going to the theater to to watch the dubious story of Matthew...

24 Disk RAID Is Friggin’ Awesome [video]

Not a fail...oh, no, not by a longshot - - - but waaaaay awesome. DVD Rip in .8 seconds?  Yes, thank you. [youtube] via:

Words of holiday wisdom

"Just got handed a Compaq Presario laptop, it is older than the dust in my basement. It has a fried backlight, useless CDROM, and...

Good Guy Firefighter

I LOVE this story - Rob -- I'm a career firefighter who was a computer science major in a previous life, so I often get tapped...

Spiceworld 2012 video: Zombies II

Posts have been sparse this week as I am at Spiceworld 2012, an annual user conference put on by, I apologize for that....

Pro Tip: How To Use Books [pic]


Epic Traceroute: Star Wars Crawl [EPIC]

This was working over the weekend, but I suspect the viral reach of this awesome spectacle got around and I can't replicate it this...

Do You Hate Someone At Your Office? [pro-tip]

Suzy forget to pay you back for lunch? Steve take the last cup of coffee without making a new pot? We have your revenge...

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps [fun diversion]

Happy April 1st, everyone!  For a fun diversion today, Google developers have added Pac-Man fun to their Maps platform! For the most part, any area...

Linksys green thumb. Whodathunkit?

Well, there's something I never thought of... via user submission and