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  1. For the record, I use Microsoft as little as possible. I don’t use it at all at home (in a couple months, I’ll be a 7-year Linux user). Unfortunately, I’m stuck with using Windows at work, although I still use Firefox and LibreOffice instead of IE and MS Office. If I didn’t have some industry-specific, Windows-only applications I had to run at work, I’d ditch Windows there, too.

    But back on topic, I did have an interesting conversation the other day with someone who wanted “Adobe” on their computer. So I went through the list of software. Acrobat? Photoshop? InDesign? Illustrator? Reader? Fireworks? Dreamweaver? Flash? Premiere?

    “No, none of those. I need, you know, Adobe!”

    After a few more minutes, I discovered she wanted to make PDFs on her computer.

    • I used to have a coworker like that (a fellow IT guy).  He would say “Joe Blow there needs full adobe!”  He always thought the dirty looks I would give him after statements like that were because I didn’t want to do it. 

    • Heh… You could have installed FrameMaker just to have a little fun!

      I work for a major university, and we have some forms that require Acrobat Pro for PDF417 rendering.  Adobe Reader will not function for these, but I get the same “But I have Adobe!” bit. 

  2. She’s probably carrying around an iPad and IPhone because “it’s the thing to the do” not because she understands a thing about them.



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