Friday, June 21, 2024
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From the Drawers of the FailDesk: January 11th Edition

A “duh” moment

A user came to me complaining that she didn’t like how her signature looked.  She had typed:


Her complaint was that “Office” was so much longer than “Cell” or “Fax.”  I stared dumbstruck for a moment and finally stammered “‘Office’ has more letters…” Her reply “Oh, OK, thanks”

White toner

I had a user who complained to me that she wasn’t able to see the words she printed out from a document.  The words in question were typed in a white font.

She believed me when I jokingly told her the laser printer was out of white toner.

That’s vague; but, okay, I’ll go with it

I was working on upgrading our maintenance software today, and as I was reading through, I found the following warning :

Note: Versions of Microsoft Outlook prior to Outlook are not compatible with the Messaging Server software. Make sure to install Outlook or greater.