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What Did You Do To This Printer [story]

I work for a large restaurant company and I provide tech support the stores and for the corporate offices; this story involves a store.

I received a call from the stating that their printer is no longer working. Now they do need a normal office printer to print up schedules and to have a list of inventory checks. They also use the printer for scanning to email, as this model of printer has that functionality.

After asking the normal questions “is the paper tray full” and “are there any jams,” the manager states that the printer just will not print. OK, no problem, lets just do a soft reset from the LCD panel on the printer. “What LCD panel?” I respond with “the little screen with the buttons on the front of the printer.” The manager replied, “There isn’t a panel, is there supposed to be?” – – I was thinking maybe she can’t find the panel?

I connected into the printer and viewed the admin settings. On the first screen it shows the toner and drum life, both of which are at 0%. I asked her, “Ma’am when have you last replaced the drum or toner?” She replied “Today.”

I then went through with her verifying she purchased the correct toner and drum. This seemed to make her upset that I would believe she ordered the wrong consumables. She then started to demand that we get her a new printer. I went through the steps to fill out the work order for a new printer. It was then I discovered from a coworker that the printer currently at the store is in fact the 3rd printer in 6 months.

We don’t receive or ship the computers or printers; this is handled by a third party. I received an email a week later with pictures of the printer in question. The LCD panel had been removed, the laser printer head had be broken off. A generic toner cartridge had been jammed into the printer. Back Door, Tray 1, duplex printing drawer, all destroyed.

-This story doesn’t do it justice. Feast your eyes upon this magic: