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From the Drawers of the Faildesk: March 12th Edition

This edition has a theme: misuse and/or abuse of our disk drives…

Om nom nom

User claimed that he had put a floppy in his machine but the machine had “swallowed it and wouldn’t give it back.” I checked both drives (8″ floppies – so that shows my age!) and both were empty. Eventually we gave up, thinking he had just lost the floppy.

Some weeks later, he had another problem that required me to strip the machine. And, lo and behold, there was the floppy, sandwiched neatly between the two drives! Don’t know how he managed that – I would have sworn they were too close together!

via: [Spiceworks Community]

But I want to feed the disc drive…

User: My CD drive won’t open, I press the button and nothing happens.

Me: Your CD drive doesn’t have a tray on it, like the one in your car just slot the disk in the hole in the front.


via: [Spiceworks Community]

Stacker, when you just need twice the capacity.

A user of mine was complaining that no matter what CD she put in the drive, she would just see the same contents from a disc she was using “before.” No matter how many times she refreshed Explorer (this one knew how to use F5…2 points!), it always showed the prior disc contents. She also complained that the disc drive is “very noisy.”

I walked over to her desk, opened the drive and discovered a black mini-cd in the middle of the CD tray, with another disc stacked on top of it.

You’d be amazed at how much noise a spinning CD will make when there’s one on top of the other…