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  1. Our whole system was down for most of day – nationwide, I might ad – two days ago. I purposefully made it a point to not ask any IT members what was going on, or how long it would take to fix.

    People, listen up.

    Only talk to IT if you are in a leadership role. If not, then you will find out via word-of-mouth what is going on. Let the IT people do their jobs!

    •  And the next time you notice some problem with a system, but since every
      user has the same problem (so you heard from colleagues) you don’t
      notify IT, thinking somebody else already has told them. Besides you
      personally don’t need the system urgently, so you simply wait… and
      wait… and wait… and after four days you finally go to IT and ask how
      long they think until it’s fixed. Their answer: “It would have been
      fixed four days ago, if somebody had told us.”


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