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  1. I’m not sure that is necessarily trolling– Xerox printers are notoriously shoddy, and if that is an 8500 multifunction as it appears to be, that malfunction seems to happen with some frequency on its own.

    Hey, at least the LCD didn’t fail completely, which is the other thing that affected a large percentage of those machines before they even hit 2 years of age.

    • No. I believe the inversion came about from the camera on a phone – as most of those are pin-hole cameras. if the software for the camera isn’t smart enough, the image comes out in mirror form.

      • If it was a pinhole camera effect, why are the buttons in the correct places and the text on the button bezel not backwards? 🙂

        I know the display on the Phaser 8500 I saw with my own eyes had that exact, actual problem, no trickery. I taught the users to use a mirror to read errors (I guess such solutions don’t occur readily to most folks), and then suddenly, after a few months of being a mirror image, the display went back to normal.

        I figured it was a power surge or something that caused it to flip and flip back. My hypothesis is that the microcontroller for that display was also used for other applications, perhaps to drive menus in a projector, in which it would need to mirror like that for rear-projection mode, but who knows.

        I’m 99% sure it also wasn’t a prank, the users there were all either computer-illiterate adults and elementary school students, and the printer was set-up high and students weren’t allowed anywhere near it.

  2. Not trolling, although I could see someone thinking it is if they’ve never seen this problem before.

    As others said already, it appears to be a failing display in a Xerox 85xx printer. Very common on these units. Good news is the display in these isn’t difficult to replace.


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