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Hardware Flashback: Quantum Bigfoot HD [pic]

From Wikipedia
Quantum Bigfoot (original series)

Retail 1.2/2.5 GB drive

The first generation Quantum Bigfoot drives were introduced around May 1996[7] and offered in capacities of 1.2 GB (1 platter, 2 heads) and 2.5 GB (2 platters, 4 heads),[8] with suggested retail prices of $225 and $370 respectively. These drives offered only ATA-2 PIO Mode 4 and DMA mode 2 support (16.6 MBps) and had an average seek time of 15 ms. Actual transfer rate from the platters was much lower, measured at 813 KB/s by PC Magazine using Disk WinMark 96, slower than a same-capacity/similar-capacity Quantum Fireball (3.5″) drive, which delivered 1170 KB/s.[9]

image via: [Reddit\techsupportgore]

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