Wayback Wednesday: Sinclair ZX80 (1980) [pic]


You know, what really does it for me is the JVC television it is hooked to.  It makes this thing look like it is right out of 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Is that…an external memory pack?

In any case – I would totally use this today if I could.

Firmware:3.25 MHz NEC 780-C CPU (copy of Zilog Z80A CPU)
4K ROM, 1K RAM (externally expandable to 16K)
Display:24 lines x 32 character text display
Monochrome only
I/O:Z80 bus, 250 baud cassette interface, RF television out
Storage:External cassette recorder

via: [ComputingHistory.org.uk]

Specs: [Planet Sinclair]