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This just fosters bad behavior…

This just fosters bad behavior…

I was just at a local tech conference, and of course, there were the various vendors from GFI, VMWare, HP, Microsoft, Lenovo, etc. – So, I walk up to the HP table to take a look at the new ultrabook offerings (the commercial grade unit was pretty nice, I have to say).  As I’m standing there, the HP rep reaches over and picks up one of the ultrabooks BY THE LID and hands it to another conference attendee.

I looked at him, incredulous, then said “What the heck?!  I am ALWAYS telling my staff to NOT pick up their laptops like that – way too risky and all…” – The HP tech casually glanced over at me and said – “Oh, these Elitebooks can handle it no problem” and then turned back to the other attendee to finish his conversation.

HP dude goes to pick up another one (I think it was actually a consumer model – not an Elitebook), reaches for the lid, lifts, then – – SNAP — there went the screen.

A facepalm and a headshake was the ONLY appropriate reaction.


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