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Users: Still Not Very Understanding

Users: Still Not Very Understanding

I work in IT in a mid-sized hospital.

I was having an unusually good Friday at work, and then with 5 minutes left before I was supposed to leave I get a call requesting that a printer be installed on a couple laptops. Naturally I’m picked to deal with the issue so I go ahead and head over to set it up. Now, the guy who requested the printer be installed works for a department that is contracted to an outside company. His company’s contract with us expires in 6 days and it is not being renewed, so they have already taken their desktop machines back to their headquarters and given their staff netbooks to use for the last few weeks. Knowing all this, and knowing that its generally against policy to touch any hardware that is not our own, I was still instructed to help this guy.

I get to his office and he shows me one of the netbooks. I turn it on and as I expected, the netbooks he has are part of his company’s domain. Needless to say, we cannot set him up to print to our printers if hes not on our domain. After explaining this to the guy, he responds by yelling “If you are going to get all technical about it, then you better not touch my computer!” and then leaving the room and slamming the door behind him while threatening to tell my boss that I’m “being unhelpful”. Normally I would just ignore that and leave for the day, but I cannot because the way the lock is on his door you need to swipe your badge to get in or out of it, and my badge doesn’t have the proper access to use it.

I ended up sitting in his office for 45 minutes until Security finally answered their phone to come let me out, and then I wrote a nice, long email to my bosses about why the issue they wanted me to fix was not resolved.


via: [Reddit\talesfromtechsupport]


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