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    • ME came out before 2000, it was pretty much 98 with more bells and whistles. 2000 was the first based on NT technology which XP later improved upon.

      • Win ME was like 98se, on fire. Actually, it was more like a rickety outhouse on fire. As you say, MS tried for bells and whistles to squeeze the last bit of money out of an obsolete platform, and really just made it extremely unstable and unusable.

        Technically, NT 3.1 was the first based on NT technology. As more of a workstation OS with limited driver support for a whole lot of things, it didn’t get much traction in the consumer desktop market. Same goes for Win2k, which really doesn’t belong in the series. XP was the first to really unify the business/consumer platforms.

        • Actually, quite the contrary, ME was a vital step of future OS’s we now take for granted, We got:

          System Restore for the 1st time

          Additional RAM support (Windows 98SE didn’t like too much RAM)

          Built in mass storage support (no messing about with drivers)

          System File Protection (oi who has been altering these Windows files, you Mr Virus?)

          UPnP, The funky image, camera/scanner tech they have used ever since,

          Automatic Windows Updates

          Built in Zip Support

          Windows managed IRQs which meant my retro machine which had issues with my old Nvidia card actually could use my Nvidia card (as it simply changed the GPUs IRQ)

          It was also blindingly fast by comparison and last time I tried it (was last year) still got updates lol

          You will recognize ALL the features above in future versions of Windows hell even in Windows 7 & 8

          Yeah Windows ME was crap purely to squeeze cash from people… It was them trying new stuff knowing 2000 was round the corner in case it all went tits up as well as testing stuff ready for Windows 2000 and they could test the new stuff safely this way.

          Ok ME was sometimes unstable (fresh install I had to re-install a few times to get right more than once), but when it was stable it was fantastic and even better than my most loved Windows 98SE

          There is more but even I am getting bored of proving you wrong so leaving it there

          • It contained a number of features that were vital steps in OS development.

            That’s not the same as ME being a vital step in itself. Could have saved all that stuff for XP rather than release the half-assed crap that was ME.

            System Restore – When you didn’t want that 3GB of space anyway
            System File Protection – Because users are stupid and must be denied access to files on their own machine
            UPnP – Because routers know what’s best
            Automatic Windows Updates – So that your machine can bug you about restarts and decide to install 27 updates when you’re trying to shut down in a rush
            Built in Zip support – Kinda. Treats zipped files like folders, has considerably less functionality than any of the free archiving tools available

            Most things came with a downside 😉

    • On the contrary – It says that it was terribly stylish and ultra-modern in someone’s eyes, but it didn’t actually do anything new or even particularly well.

      Seems pretty accurate to me…

      • 7 did a lot of things well that weren’t immediately obvious to the end user. Compared to XP, it has a much more stable driver model, native IPv6 support, hardware-accelerated 2D window compositing, filesystem overlays for non-privileged users, and so on. End users don’t notice a lot of it, but it’s great for developers or administrators.

  1. windows 8 is the shittest I’ve ever come across. Even worse than Vista. If someone offers you windows 8, rip it out of their hands, shit on it and hand it back to them. They’ll thank you. You’ve doubled its worth.

      • It’s basically a shit in a box. Have you even used it? I doubt it very much from your comment. Change is fine. I haven’t had problems with any explorer and I’ve used 95, 98, XP and windows 7.
        Although I did have Vista for a while and that was terrible, it was by no means as rubbish as 8. They’ve concentrated everything terrible from an Apple Mac in to one ghastly windows system.

        • You know I’ve had no problems with 8 and I’ve used 95, 98, XP, Vista, and 7. I’ll admit Vista was a disaster. But 8 really isn’t that bad. I like the tile layout and its very convenient to find the things I need. How long did you use 8 for? More than a day? I doubt it very much based on your comment.

          • To be honest, if the first impression of WIndows 8 is as bad it is (at least according to me), then why would I continue using it? I really hated Windows 8 when I tried it (and yes, I didnt try it for more than a day because why would I when I didnt like the first impression of it?) and since then, decided that I’m never going to use it again. I’m waiting for Windows 9 that’s going to be released soon, which will be the Windows that fixes all the problems there is with Windows 8. Windows 8 is also mostly just a reskin of Windows 7, there’s barely anything new that’s noteworthy. It’s a bit faster… by like a second or two. Whoopdidoo~~

          • I like Windows 8. Boot up and shut down is speedy as hell. Once you get used to the interface overhaul, it’s easy to use, too.

            Vista was the pile of shit because it was essentially broken when it was released, hence why 7 came out so quickly afterwards. I didn’t mind 7 but it had some of the same old Windows problems like committing absolute suicide during its self-updating schedule and having to be restored to factory settings etc.

            Not had any problems whatsoever 8 so far. It all runs pretty smoothly.

          • I’m using 8 right now and I have been for at least 6 months now. I first bought it for my gaming rig and I liked it so much I upgraded my laptop to it from 7.So far I have had NO PROBLEMS. Maybe you should give it a try before you go on telling people bad things about it.

          • Windows 8 would be have been amazing if they hadn’t disabled the start button, and actually gave you the choice between tiles and desktop. Personally I hate the tile layout for a non-touch screen device. It’s not a bad OS, just sacrificed diversity for the sake of being “modern”. Which was needless, especially since left the code to rebuild most of the removed features anyway.

          • They are bringing back the Start button its not disabled at all, you can still use the Windows key or swipe to top right corner and click start, its just more pretty this way and you don’t actually need the start button at all once you get to grips with how many times superior the interface is and how easy it is to find stuff/programs via simply typing them into the search and boom there they are

  2. Yes.. you missed ME.. We here called ME = Mülleimer Edition = Trashbin Edition, Unwrapp and trash it. Vista. don#t talk about it, burn it with fire bevor it lays eggs. Win7: you can work with it, if you tweak it.
    Win8: Metro – Could be working on a Tablet (for EBCAK-Purposes) but not on a desktop for People who really work with a Computer.
    Octrotron: Naaa.. thats no lame excuse for being unwilling to akzepot changes, but it can’t work if you press your “opinion” onto the people and then refuse to admit, you made a fool of yourself. M$ should have released a tablet Win 8 (Metro) and a Desktop Win 8 (Classik Desktop). On the other hand, M$ isn’t very shy to release their Software with a really weird licensing system. Thats M$ if they think thats it, even if it is bullshit, they expect everybody that they set standards. But they are years behind! Apple set the “standard” for Tablet-GUIs with iOS, for Desktops the basic GUI developed over the years. Look at Unity.. see how many Ubuntu Users tried it and switched back to Gnome, XFCE or LXDE. It is not being unwilling to adapt to changes. Its the inusability a lot of (essential) changes M$ tried to oppress onto their customers.

    • Win8, faster lighter better than Win7 in many ways, Pro even has nice things like Hyper-V built in, more secure RDP, ability to mount ISOs directly in the OS etc etc, if you click DESKTOP you are back to Windows 7 style computing with the ability to take advantage of the lack of start bar and the advanced search/application launching abilities that saves TONS of time and means you don’t need shortcuts everywhere on your desktop and can actually see your wallpaper, Windows 8.1 (the update aka SP1 if you will) will give people their precious start button back, those who actually got Windows 8 and like me initially hated it but stuck with it typically, now LOVE it and even look at Windows 7 with gratitude that without that gem Windows 8 couldn’t be the beast it truely is

      Agree totally though Vista was shockingly bad, in fact it was a damn insult of an OS it was rushed and it was sooooo damn heavy, zero optimization… don’t get me started lol

  3. Where is Windows 3.0, 3.1, or 3.11 for workgroups? They also need a pic for ME and NT. I used all of them.. Most reliable version of windows was the 3.X editions.

    • Err, perhaps. But you’re comparing pre-internet, pre-OS Windows to all the rest. That’s sorta, well, like comparing apples and oranges.

  4. I love the ‘you must not like change’ argument. Windows 8 is a piece of s**t, end of story. Its like looking at f**king Crackbook 24/7. There’s zero innovation or evolution, taking more and more steps (as they have for years) towards trying to corner the consumer market (in an absurd ‘race’ with Macs) while putting a gun to your head with one hand, while the other is giving you the middle finger.

    If only our world wasn’t based on freemarket/scarcity economics, then people could develop technology with efficiency and longevity in mind, instead of pandering and salivating to the lowest common denominator.

    Change is perfect, but not when it sacrifices common sense to economic growth. Cant believe after all these years (since 3.x was around) that I would consider trading in my Windows system for a Mac (graphics, audio production etc) and only have a PC left for running Linux.


    • You sound like a hater.

      I got to play with Windows 8 for maybe 5 minutes in Best Buy. It was hardly a “OMG I HATE THIS” experience. It was different, but nothing a tech savvy guy could take. I mean, I hit the Windows key and I suddenly have a Start Menu. I start typing and it’s Searching for the. I don’t have to put my finger on the mouse to start a program.

      But you’re part of the generation that’s used to the point and click. It’s been done for too damn long and so not efficient use of time.

      Learn to use shortcuts on your keyboard and maybe you’ll realize that the only aversion you have is the necessity to learn.


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