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  1. Sadly enough I have had someone get mad at me for the same thing. then again I also cleaned their temp files and cache and everything with CCleaner. 3 gigs. 

    •  and how about outlook deleted items.. just today, 8500 items = 4gb wondering why their archive attempts were sooooooooo slow….

  2. omg, I’ve emptied users Outlook trash and had them freak out afterward because they couldn’t find a file… apparently they used it as a planned purgatory until they were ready to finally delete them…

  3. OMG I can so relate.  I once cleaned out somebody’s browser history and then they had a meltdown because that’s what they were using for “Bookmarks/Favorites”.

  4. Normal ocurrence, it’s like if they store food they’re not sure if they want to throw out  in the garbage can and get mad when you take out the trash


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