Sunday, March 26, 2023

Horror Stories

Stories that document the ill-fated attempts of IT to fix something, but things go horribly, horribly wrong.

Buy this guy a beer -or- How to anger a local “computer fixit” shop

(edited) - Rob I was at a restaurant, and while waiting for a table, I decided to check out the computer store located next to...

SELECT* from expletives WHERE soul_destroying = ‘true’

From the Daily WTF: Jeroen's colleague had the misfortune of being assigned to debug an intermittent, unspecified error in the one of the oldest of...

We get no respect: The Hospital Upgrade

Today was fun... As many of you know, I work in a hospital. Recently, a life-cycle exchange was done for about 35 old Dells...

Drill baby, drill

Sorry, couldn't resist the pun ;) We sent two techs to a new remote office location to install the phone system/networking gear. When they were...

I scoff at your “warm boot.”

A couple years back, our workplace was converting some offices into clinic space.  As such, a major demolition had to occur on the same...

I Think He Wants A New Mouse [video]

Wow. I have to hand it to the call center guy... [youtube]

A Story About ‘Magic’

I dont personally know when or where this was originally posted but it must be fairly old as the PDP-10 machine mentioned it from...