Sunday, July 23, 2017

We are the citizens of your Tumblr feed [video]

Personally, I don't use Tumblr (although Scott tells me we have a Tumblr feed somewhere...), so this may resonate more with some of you than others...if nothing else, this is very well put together. [youtube] via:

Time Traveler? [pic]


Would Buy: GIGS2GO [pic]

I would definitely purchase these for around the office! via:

Giant gains in RAM

I popped an extra 4GB of RAM into an office laptop today, which should put the total at 8GB. However, as you can see in the below screen shot something went wonky. So I thought I'd share it with my favourite IT humour website.   What is weird is that...

Tech Win: Now that’s impressive – 16 YEARS of uptime [pic]

Gotta say, this is a testament to how good Netware 3.1x was...   via:

Phone Have A Broken Screen?

[youtube] via:

How We All Feel About Cable Companies – NSFW [video]

There's is a little foul language... [youtube] via: via