Sunday, July 23, 2017


Non-VHS versions of some of our favorite IT related stuff.

Master Of The Internet


Okay, Not Really IT Related…

But I would bet the Rebels and the Empire both had an IT department. I mean come on, it's STAR WARS. [youtube] via:

We are the citizens of your Tumblr feed [video]

Personally, I don't use Tumblr (although Scott tells me we have a Tumblr feed somewhere...), so this may resonate more with some of you than others...if nothing else, this is very well put together. [youtube] via:

Phone Have A Broken Screen?

[youtube] via:

How We All Feel About Cable Companies – NSFW [video]

There's is a little foul language... [youtube] via: via

Remember The Static Discharge Guy? Well, He’s Back. [video]

Nothing spells fun like shocking yourself for others benefit. [youtube] via: via: 

Into the Twittersphere! (video)

An oldie, but so true...back when Twitter was filled with a bunch of people posting updates about their lunch and...oh, wait. Thanks Supernews! [youtube] via:

He’s The Computer Man

Via Email Submission: [youtube] via:

Screams Of Pain

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This was what it was like installing Windows 95: The Progress Bar [video]

Some of our readers might not be old enough to remember the terrible plight of the floppy-based installations for "large" programs back in the 90's. Rather than tell you all of how bad it was, here is a video that accurately depicts the frustration...