Monday, January 22, 2018

Thanks to you, Faildesk readers.

We realize that you came here today looking for some computer-related humor - however, Scott and I felt that we must give our colleague something to remember us by (or rather, something for you to remember him by).  So, with that said, we apologize...

Do you like ice cream?

There are serious IT related topics around here. What about sherbet - or as Kevin mistakenly thought: "sherbert." Rob decided to make Kevin his own meme style photo with Kevin's words.

Did you see the new BlackBerry? Me either.

I used to love my BlackBerry then I saw how fast all my friends phones worked. I'll never go back and I laugh every time I hear a commercial for them. No more love for RIM at our house. via:

It’s what’s in the box.

Caption: "We're getting Windows 7 at work. The graphics guy didn't like the poster I made for the announcement memo..." via:

Animated GIFs…

These are becoming popular up your printers!  

Snack Time!

I know we've had a post like this in the past but WTF. Don't dead thing normally smell? via:

Stay Tuned!

It's that time again... Monday I'll announce the details and the awesome prize! Also, I really needed an excuse to use the "Brace yourself" meme

Time Machine

My dad works the help desk for the government of the state we live in. He sent me this text message today and/r/funny suggested I post it here. Hope it's not the state I live in still using floppies...or dumb users. WTH is with the terrible text message...

What’s your password?

Derp derp derp herp derp. It's a rage comic kind of day for me. via:

My video card isn’t working right…

Whoa. Really, who does stuff like this? i went ahead and tried to clean my videocard, because it was running too hot lately. so i screwed it apart so i could clean it good. the GPU was a little hard to get loose, but after...