Sunday, May 28, 2023

Sticky situation

Okay, so I was helping in the rollout of new Windows machines as well as inventory/surplus of the old machines. One day, my team...

Anyone else work with this person?

We'll just put this here. via: via: [

Brown Friday: When it works, it’s great!

I love it. "when it works.. its great" Pretty sure this was the shittiest line of laptop HP made. I know because I owned one. via:...

Sandwich, Coffee

I love the look on Roy's face.

We’ve all had this job

Pretty sure everyone in IT sooner or later is sent to someones house to fix something completely unimportant. My last boss was notorious for...

Thanks to you, Faildesk readers.

We realize that you came here today looking for some computer-related humor - however, Scott and I felt that we must give our colleague...

Do you like ice cream?

There are serious IT related topics around here. What about sherbet - or as Kevin mistakenly thought: "sherbert." Rob decided to make Kevin his own...

Did you see the new BlackBerry? Me either.

I used to love my BlackBerry then I saw how fast all my friends phones worked. I'll never go back and I laugh every...

It’s what’s in the box.

Caption: "We're getting Windows 7 at work. The graphics guy didn't like the poster I made for the announcement memo..." via:

Animated GIFs…

These are becoming popular up your printers!