I have to say, I’ve not seen it yet (I plan to), but this was way too cool not to share. It looks like it goes back to an older gen laptop…pretty awesome. via: [Reddit\Pics]

Trolling: Dual Monitor Style

Doin dual monitors old school style

It seems that this dual monitors such an odd concept for people to grasp.  But, here we go again… – Rob User: “My friend isn’t receiving my emails. Could it be because I have dual monitors and she doesn’t?” Me: “Yes. That’s exactly the problem. Once she adds another monitor she’ll be able to read […]

Slow Cox


I hate it when my Cox is slow too. Oh, by the way the Starter Package is only 1mbps service. You’ll have to pay for a bigger Cox…I mean faster Cox. Maybe ask someone that is more experienced with Cox. Yes, I went there. Immature, I know.