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We All Know “That One Guy” [story]

We All Know “That One Guy” [story]

If you work in IT you know which guy I’m talking about. He’s the one that corners you and asks you all sorts of questions about computers, spews the details of the AWESOME gaming machine he built, boasts about his computers benchmark stats. You try to avoid him at all costs but he seems to sniff you out no matter what door you sneak in. Here is my story of that guy.

I worked for a manufacturing company that had a couple different facilities. Remote support was our main method of helping the sites but somethings couldn’t be addressed remotely so on occasion you had to drive over. One employee was a computer hobbyist and would make a beeline for me whenever I walked in the door. He had told me about his gaming machine many times at length and today I wasn’t really in the mood to have him talk at me. When he caught up with me he told me he was trying update his BIOS and had to install a 3.5″ drive. Then he asked me one of the best questions ever, “how do you burn files onto a 3.5″ disk?”

I could tell he was a little embarrassed because he whispered it to me. It was enough to defuse my irritation and I explained it the same as copying files around his hard drive, you can drag and drop, copy and paste with no special software needed.


[Picture Source: Capture Queen (CC)]



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