Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Yes, It’s called a “laptop,” and you are using one right now.

“I received the below email 10 days ago, and thought it was a good candidate. Today he asked me for a followup, but I’m still stumped…”

Good morning to you my old friend …. how are you doing today? Question about what I call computer toys; as time goes by it would become a lot more useful to me if I have something beside my laptop to take with me out in the field when I make either day trips or over night trips that I can use ILO my laptop, which I`d like to keep at home all of the time for when I use it here like I am now. I need something that is fairly small and portable so I can carry it with me, that I can use in some “wi fi” area, which we have a lot of them down here, and something I can use to have access to the Company VPN so I can get into PQ (sales software, RDP), and make necessary changes and additions to various specs while I`m out traveling, so I don`t always have to wait until I either get home at night or back to my hotel room at night? Of course I`d continue to use my BlackBerry for cell calls and to send and receive emails.

Is there such a computer toy out there that you can recommend and if so do you think BC would buy it for me?

via: [Spiceworks Community]

[Picture Source: Salvor (CC)]