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    •  Yeah. no. They are beyond help. They usually have to drop. These types (both male and female because yes, the males exist too) have no idea what a computer science curriculum entails. The guys are more brazen because they’ll email you for copies of your assignments to turn in as their own because, you know, you’re  a girl and you’ll give it to them.

      Jerks.  And no, tutoring does not help because they can’t learn it. They just want the answers so they can get back to facebook or twitter or whatever.

      Yeah – I have unresolved anger.

  1. This is true but it’s not just ‘the girls’. There are guys in my computer science classes that need serious help i.e. can’t upload a file to submit their homework..  If you’re enrolling in a java class, you should probably know how to upload a file in order to submit your homework or maybe go over to the liberal arts building and look into a new major?

  2. Because I can’t help myself… I’m going to play devil’s advocate for a moment. Is it possible that this wasn’t a comp sci/engineering course but was just taught using their facilities? Or was this a university mandated computer course? Or maybe her advisor “suggested” she take the course? Was this section of the course one that was open to all majors or was it a section specifically limited to only comp sci/engineering majors?

    All of those questions are relevant given the lack of concrete information. They were all situations that I encountered while enrolled at a particular university. From aggravating gen-ed’s mandated by the school, to bullying advisors, to courses being taught half-way across the campus from their department’s building. I wont deny that brain dead chick is still brain dead (seriously, copy/paste is simple) but the last panel… it’s a bit overmuch IMHO.


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