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  1. LOL Once asked systems department VP (big time guy), but nice, why rebooting “fixes” everything. seriously. i understand it does, but why? he couldn’t answer me. seriously. just said that’s how it works. hmm, maybe he thought i couldn’t understand tech speak? i’d like to think he just didn’t know.

      • sorry if i offend. But I asked for specifics. i know it HAS to be done, but i’m not a freakin computer science major, idiot. i was looking for information, ya know, like you do when you want to fnd something out.
        not all of us are born with all the knowledge of the universe in our heads like you must have been.

        • The simplest answer is this. Just like humans need sleep to refresh themselves, a computer needs to reboot to refresh itself. You wake up refreshed from sleep, and a computer wakes up refreshed from a reboot. Good enough analogy?

          • Nope! The analogy, to put it technically, sucks.  If that is the case, why do Linux computers serving critical business functions stay online for years without ever needing a reboot?  Is Linux then, the Super Sayan level IV of computers (IT’S OVER 9000!) and Windows is the pitiful toddler?  I’m not even a “linux” guy lol.

          • Linux computers are designed on a kernel and platform that’s intended for 99.99999% uptime. They’re also designed for top of the line hardware. Workstations are designed on windows, which was designed for users that would turn on the computers, use the computers, and turn them off. They’re designed for convenience and pretty user interfaces that have memory leaks and thousands if not millions of software glitches below the surface. On *nix you have a debug console where you can see every error message, whereas in windows you have to dig thru the performance log for weeks to find something.

        • To renew temp files.
          Clean Ram
          Reload policy’s for the windows and netwerk, new user settings
          Refresh dns list
          there are multiple good reasons to reboot

          • Pretty much what Tim said.  A computer that’s been on for a long time accumulates memory leaks, temp/cached files, and many processes that should have shut down properly but may have not.  A soft boot will often kill the memory leaks and clear out the temp files.

            So if you have an issue and your computer has been on for several days straight at least, try a reboot.

          • Only if you’re running windows I suppose… I only ever have to reboot when I do kernel updates


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