Thursday, September 28, 2023


Anyone else here hates CSI?

An acquiescence of mine had their car broken into. It happened in the dead of the night, and the entire thing was captured on their house security camera. Naturally they handed the recording off to the police, but the owner of the car apparently did not believe the video was of much help since it was low resolution and grainy.

Him: Can you like clean this up and zoom onto the guys face?
Me: Nah, not really. I think this is as good as it gets…
Him: What? There has to be a way! You never seen them doing it on CSI? Like when they enchance and zoom in?
Me: Yeah, I’ve seen that but that’s just movie magic. The best I could do with this is probably some pixel interpolation type thing to take the graininess out…
Him: Yeah, and then we can see his face better!
Me: No, there won’t be any more detail. It will just be blurry instead of grainy.
Him: Yeah, well thanks for nothing. You’re supposed to be the big computer guy but whenever I ask you to help out, you say you don’t know.


For the record, the guy was visible for about 10 frames, from far away and while running. His face was more or less 2 pixels across or something. 😛

via: [Reddit\talesfromtechsupport]

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